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The Folktale Project

Nov 6, 2017

Once upon a time there were two women who argued, as women are sometimes wont to do, and when they had nothing more to argue about, they began to bicker about their husbands, about which of them was the stupidest. The longer they argued, the angrier they became, until finally they were close to pulling each other’s hair, for as one knows, “disagreements are easier to encourage than to turn; and things are most difficult when reason is lacking.” One of them said that there was nothing she could not get her husband to believe, when she said it was so, for he was as gullible as the trolls; and the other said that, no matter how bad it might be, she could always get her husband to do something, when she said it should be done, for he was such as could find neither needle nor skein. 


Host Dan Scholz

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