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The Folktale Project

Mar 14, 2018

There were once upon a time two fellows who were such good friends that they swore to one another that they would not be parted, neither in life nor death. One of them died before he grew old, and after a while the other proposed to a farm hand’s girl, gained her as his sweetheart, and was to be married. When they invitated to the wedding, the bridegroom himself went to the churchyard where his friend lay, knocked on the tomb, and called upon him. No, he did not come. He knocked again, and he called again, but no one came. A third time he knocked, harder, and called louder that he should come so that he could speak with him. After a long, long time, he heard some rustling, and finally the revenant up from the grave.

“It is good you came now,” said the bridegroom; “I have stood knocking and calling for you for a long time.”

“I was far away,” said the revenant, “so I did not hear you well enough before the last time.”